An artist-run online gallery, publisher of limited edition art prints, and curated original works of art dedicated to showcasing Puerto Rican and Latin American artists.

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Hijack! is a clandestine augmented reality exhibit in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR). Taking ownership of this space provides a new opportunity to explore other ways to answer the question: who gets to decide what is art?


An initiative curated by Contrabando PR. It aims to help the creative and cultural scene in Puerto Rico. We selected local artists to create an original print to help gather resources for marginalized groups and artist community.



SOLD OUT. Our last exhibition in our brick and mortar gallery before Hurricane María. Idyllium was a botanical illustration approach to the sylvan landscapes of Puerto Rico from the point of view of four female Borica artists. A remembrance of sensations via pictures. The participating artists were: Giovanna Andrea, Stephanie Cavina, Andrea Gisela and Rosaura Rodríguez.



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Contrabando began as a short-lived gallery space in Río Piedras, the sister project of Taller Secreto. Its mission is to produce, showcase and export Puerto Rican art. In September 2017, it closed due to bureaucratic complications and Hurricane María.

Contrabando has since reinvented itself as an online store, but the mission stays the same: generate, exhibit and export art from young artists in Puerto Rico and Latin America to the rest of the world.


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