Ivia Pantoja

Ivia Pantoja


About the art:

10.75x14.25 inches. This series is an edition of 20. Offset printed on Cover 80 lb. Signed and numbered.

"I chose the Ideogram of Saturn because of its duality. Originally, Saturn was known as the god of growth and triumph. Another thing that drew me to the ideogram is the representation of our relentless reality. I think that we need a realistic visual representation of the material conditions in life to construct our ideas and future.

Blooming flora on a symbol framed by a raging sea. Budding trees are the simplest representation of a cycle, that I've seen, which seems to say everything has it's season, even though things may seem difficult now we must give more so we can be reborn."

About the artist:

Based in San Juan. Illustrator with a focus on color theory, symbolism, the feminine figure and flora. Influenced by anime, comics and the Caribbean.

Ivia has a BA in Graphic Design, but is passionate about learning and working more with drawing and painting. She’s had the privilege to participate in various collective art expos like Chichaíto/Little Fucks, El Teatro es Malo, Beer Coaster Show, among others. She’s tabled at Tintero: Festival de Comics y Arte Independiente and Puerto Rico Comic Con as well as other events.


Each print will help Puerto Rico's creative community. The proceeds will be divided between the artist and two funds for Puerto Rico relief efforts.

Shipping is free for US and Puerto Rico.

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