is an initiative curated by Contrabando PR. It aims to help the creative and cultural scene in Puerto Rico. We selected local artists to create an original print to help gather resources for marginalized groups and artist community.



Hurricane María ravaged Puerto Rico leaving an already crumbled economy in worst shape. It's been months since the hurricane passed and art spaces, artists and creative projects now face the threat of disappearing. After two hurricanes and economic struggles we are still here and will keep on fighting.

By getting these unique prints, you will help artists in Puerto Rico get back on track with their creative and cultural projects.

photo: Steph Segarra

Lorraine Rodríguez

Sergio Vázquez

Ivia Pantoja

Proceeds from the Category 4 series will benefit two non-profit organizations to help different creative projects on the Island. The other percent will go straight to the artists and Contrabando's future projects.