Hijack! is a clandestine augmented reality exhibit in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR). Taking ownership of this space provides a new opportunity to explore other ways to answer the question: who gets to decide what is art?

Inside the halls of the museum, 14 Puerto Rican artists contribute to examine how we consume art. By downloading the app “Layer”, new works can be discovered, and viewers can appreciate how these new images exchange ideas and interact with the older works. The current museum exhibit goes by the name Interconexiones, or Interconnections, and it was opened to the public in 2012 curated by the museum’s own Juan Carlos López-Quintero. Artists like Stencil Network and Ilia Isales converse in an unofficial way with the works of artists such as Jose Campeche and Francisco Rodón members of an exclusive Permanent Collection club.

From here, the original intentions of Interconexiones are used as a starting point to develop brand-new connections. According to Interconexiones’ statement: “The new curatorial proposal of the MAPR is of a thematic nature, which gives it a participatory profile and allows the spectator to create their own ‘interconnections’. The exhibition incorporates non-traditional artistic media...” Hijack!’s purpose is no other than to explore and expand these ideas and maybe attract an old (and new) audience.

Interconexiones is set to conclude its six-year run this upcoming November, and what better way to bid it farewell than to place an exhibition within an exhibition. Meanwhile, Hijack!’s augmented showing will be available to the public as long as possible.

Contrabando, 2018.




Elizabeth Barreto
Heberto BICIO
Kare Carrasquillo
El CoCa
Ilia Isales
Adrián Martínez
Stencil Network
Uziel Orlandi
Poncili x Stephanie Segarra
Estefanía Rivera
Rafael Vargas Bernard
Sergio Vázquez


This exhibition will take place in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico. It’s an unofficial clandestine exhibition and you will need this app to experience it.

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There’s a couple of things you will need. Since this is an Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition you will need a smartphone. Don’t worry about the data the just ask a friendly museum’s concierge for the wi-fi password. Then you will need to download the app and a map to guide discover the altered works.


Download this app - it’s free

Get the Layar app so you can unlock the Hijack! exhibition here.

Once you have it just stand between 4 to 2 feet from the artwork and click your screen. The new piece should appear in your screen. If any artworks grabs you, you can get it by clicking on it.



Get your map

There will be some map/brochures on the surrounding stores or even in the museum. If you don’t have a map you can download it here.





Upload your photos with the hashtag #ContrabandoHijack and be a part of the exhibition!



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