Gestante by Uziel Orlandi

Gestante by Uziel Orlandi


Mixed media. 40x40 inches.

Presented at his solo show: Campo. At Pública, Santurce, PR. April 4, 2019. Curated by Natalia Viera-Salgado.

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He works with woodcut, screen printing, and other mixed media. He is a founding member of El CoCa (Colectivo Camiseta) an anti art collective based in Puerto Rico. Uziel has exhibited his works in Artlab, Santurce es Ley 3, 4, 5, Las Jornadas del Grabado, Colectiva Monopatín 3, Lorenzo Homar: Tributo Gráfico Puertorriqueño, Sunburns and Sirens and other collective exhibitions. 

In 2016 had his third solo show: Detrás de la máscara se esconde el espíritu. And his latest solo show, CAMPO (2019) a mixed media exploration using engravings, stencil and airbrush.

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